Williamsburg Civil War Roundtable

The purpose of this organization shall be to promote discussion and study of the Civil War and to further stimulate interest in all aspects and phases of the Civil War period.

Meeting Dates

The organization meets on various Tuesdays each month February through May 2015. Meetings are held in the Williamsburg Regional Library Theatre located at 515 Scotland St in Williamsburg, VA, unless otherwise posted. The meetings begin at 7 PM. Membership is open to the  general public.

This Month's Speaker

Monday March 2, 2015
Rescheduled February 17th Meeting

February 17, 2015**

“Civil War Ironclads”

The February meeting will be held on February 17, 2015 (3rd Tuesday). Michael Durling & Gina DeAngelis from Colonial Williamsburg will present the film - “Civil War Ironclads”: from the Colonial Williamsburg Electronic Field Trip Series.

In the Civil War, both the Union and the Confederacy raced to build armored, steam-powered warships that were the ancestors of today’s navies. In the program, you can meet the people behind and aboard the “ironclads”—and relive the famous 1862 battle between the Monitor and the Merrimack (Virginia).

CIVIL WAR IRONCLADS (Colonial Williamsburg Productions, 2014) is an Electronic Field Trip—an interactive educational program with video, live television, and online components—created by Colonial Williamsburg Education Outreach and produced and broadcast by Colonial Williamsburg Productions. It premiered on March 13, 2014 on public television and cable educational channels nationwide.

**Note the change in date. The Roundtable will meet on different Tuesdays  from February through May of 2015

Scholarship Contest -The Williamsburg Civil War Roundtable and the local chapter of the United Daughters of the Confederacy have partnered with the local chapter of the Sons Of Confederate Veterans to provide financial support to an essay contest for local high school seniors. Please click here for details. You are encouraged to promote this scholarship contest to any local high school seniors that may be interested in participating.


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